Recent Charcoal Project: Michael Wittmann “The Black Baron”

Most recently completed, charcoal drawing of legendary Panzer Ace Michael Wittmann. I know the name “The Black Baron” sometimes comes under fire as it had been invented for him later (post-war I believe), but I like it, especially for the mood of this project. Original is 14×18, charcoal and chalk pastel on gray art-board.

11×14 high quality prints available. Contact Me for info

“The Darkest Knight” Charcoal Drawing

Heinrich Himmler, “The Darkest Knight”, 11×14, charcoal and chalk pastel with acrylic paint accents. The first in my new direction of Third Reich artwork, what I consider to be my first “serious” work. More details about this new Phase of my work soon. Next up, Panzer/Tiger Ace Michael Wittmann.

Heinrich Himmler, "The Darkest Knight", Charcoal & Pastel Drawing

Heinrich Himmler, “The Darkest Knight”, Charcoal & Pastel Drawing