Owner’s Comments Updated

“I cannot describe how amazing Michelle Fusco’s talent is. She captures the very essence of her subject. If you are a KISS fan her art is a must. If I could describe her work it would be “Flawless”. Order prints or original art. You will NOT be dissapointed.” ~ Steve Bury, Montana


“Very nice work. Michele as you know is a very talented woman. A future master in my opinion. I really love this piece. I think the colors in the background bring the image of Manson to life. This piece will hang nicely next to my Dali artwork. Thank you. [Dissection], like much of the art you produce, very nice. This is the second piece I have from Michele, and I am not sure which one I like the best. This one will be hanging next to Sunset Superman in my living room. They should be in a public place for all to see. I hope to fill my wall with more of your talented mind’s impressions of the great artists you draw so well.” – Joe Frullo, Oklahoma


“I am fortunate enough to have purchased the original Rose For Emily. The quality is absolutely fantastic. I can’t believe the effort that must have gone into completing this piece. I would recommend that if anyone is remotely considering commissioning Michele to paint for you, don’t think about it, do it! You will not regret it!! Thank you Michele. What you have created is stunning… I can’t wait to get it onto my wall.” – Dean B., UK


“The energy you’ve put into your work is like your subjects are with you as you draw. I believe you have a connection to your subjects’ souls”. ~ [Owner of “Aura” Ace Frehley acrylic on canvas original]


“Night Becomes Him is a very unique painting. The face of Morrison is superb and very realistic. This could actually be my favorite piece, although the last one [Theatre of Myths] is also unbelievable… If you get a chance to order an original from Michele, or only purchase a print, you are sure to be pleased very much either way. Keep up the good work Michele!!! Awesome talent!!!!!!!” -R. Smith


“As soon as I came across this stunningly poetic and brooding painting, I immediately found myself drawn to it and completely under it’s spell. Not only is it exquisitely painted, but it somehow also manages to capture the very essence of Jim’s spirit and allude to many of the dark and beautiful themes and imagery that run through many of The Doors’ songs. The Wilderness Between is both a wonderful testament to Michele’s brilliant vision and technical skill as an artist as well as a great tribute to Jim…” – Lloyd K.


“..Michele is not just creating her artwork to merely duplicate images of Morrison, she can leave that for other artists to do. Michele has much more of herself invested in the subject matter, much more invested in Jim. Because of her deep, and I’ll even say, spiritual, connection to Jim, Michele, in creating her works, chooses to tell a story about Jim, give some meaning and unique perspectives to Jim’s life, and, through her art, allows us to explore different aspects of this person all of us share more than a passing interest in….I love “Eye Of Night” and I’m thrilled to have this wonderful artwork to share a place next to “Side of the Dawn” in my life and on my wall.” – Tim P.


“Framed & Up for Display!! This is my living room!!! I love the artwork !!! Thanks again Michelle Fusco / Ace Artist !!!! You have mad skills !!!! How somebody can start with a blank canvas and create this is truly amazing! I will order again !!! and if your KISS fan you will not be disappointed!!!!” ~ John Friedrich


“I recently recieved my painting from Ace Artist . I was very excited and feel i need to let everyone know what amazing work she does !!! IF you have NOT put your order in for a original painting DO IT NOWWW !!! Amazing work by a AMAZINGGG artist !!! Thank you for my original painting ♥ I absolutely LOVE IT !!!!”  -Nicky Taff, New Jersey


I LOVE HER WORK!! ~ Ace Frehley